Finding my new normal

It’s a spring Saturday afternoon in San Diego. I’m sitting outside in my backyard enjoying a fire my husband, Max, has built while my two pups spend their time chasing geckos and sleeping in the patches of grass shaded by the palm trees. Finding happiness in the simple things has become my new normal. But it took some mindset shifting to get here.

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Go big, go small, or go home?

You joined a start-up with the intention of making an impact. Small team, big results. But what happens when things outside your control muck this up? You may have been (or are) here before: the scrappy company gets devoured by the big corporate machine. Why?!

But maybe it’s not so bad! In fact, it could actually be the biggest growth opportunity of your life so far. A chance to leverage the channels your new company has access to and scale the goodness you and your team is building. But this doesn’t happen by accident; it requires a good vision and strategy methodical planning, and support from leadership.

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