Ramen in Van w/Raz

Rona Rachel Reich

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering (CIE) Chief of Staff and People Engineer

I love what I do because I get to “work” on a team where I live my top values everyday: helping other people and having the freedom to always be candid. Technically I am a Chief of Staff operationally but a people engineer at heart.

What does a people engineer do one might ask? On our team, we enable people to do their best work by either being or developing a resource that helps them get things done and grow as a professional while doing so. This includes focusing on areas such as people & team development, strategic planning & communications, and leadership coaching.

I’m fortunate to be on a Cloud Security Infrastructure Engineering team filled with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and ideas. I am supported by my leaders and peers. We have a culture that promotes healthy debates and openness to new ideas. These ideas lead to innovative solutions in the Security space.

TL;DR: it’s hard to call this work because I’m having so much fun!

Our team has a tradition where we share 3 fun facts when getting to know new folks. Mine are:

  1. I love noodles! That’s why you’ll see me ending each of my posts with a fun pasta moment.
  2. Born and raised in California. Moved from the Bay Area to Oceanside ( San Diego North County) in October 2018.
  3. Spending time with my husband and fur babies (2 doodles and a cat) are my favorite past times.